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Love is a beautiful thing when you know exactly what it is. That four letter word is so foreign to me and I’m pretty okay with that…

What To Get A GUY For Valentine’s Day!

Shopping for a guy can be impossible! Valentines day is just a few days away so I put together this awesome gift guide for what you should get your lover if your lover is a dude. I haven’t decided what to get Swoon yet, but I’m def picking something from this list! Here is what… More »

Love Inspired Quotes

It’s Valentine’s Day today, a day that many dread if they are single and also a day that many people feast on chocolates and receive a bunch of flowers from their Valentine. All in all it is just another day that really shouldn’t make anyone upset…but Hallmark finds a way to make you feel otherwise…. More »

Why Not Share The Things I Love

Today is all about sharing and celebrating the things you love (Even though I believe this should occur year round). Sure, I’m single and haven’t recieved a text from the guy I like (Bummer). But…

“Fall” In Love With These Celebrities

While all of the cutesy couples are getting ready for their big Valentine’s Day plans I decided to put together a gallery for all of us single folk to smile about. This gallery isn’t about cute celebrity couples or love…it is about celebs FALLING…to the ground. YUP, figured hey, no need to cry to The… More »

Not Your Typical Love Song: Philip Labes’ ‘Valentine’s Day’

To quote 500 Days of Summer, “This is a story of boy meets girl, but you should know upfront, this is not a love story.” Philip Labes‘ song “Valentine’s Day” featuring Natalie Angiuli

Singles Valentines Day Survival Guide

Ok let’s be honest Valentine’s Day is really just a commercial holiday that get’s the economy going. I have never been one to take it SO serious, although, it can’t really be avoided! If you are single, don’t worry here is a list of 17 things you and your friends can do and beat the… More »

Valentine’s Day Diary With Jazmin Whitley

Happy Valentines Day month everyone! Last week I posted a gallery on High Fashion Valentine’s Day Attire and this week I thought I would answer the questions Buzznet asked me! Here are some…

Valentine’s Inspired Nail Art

One week until Valentine’s Day! To prepare for this event I am definitely getting my nail’s done. I came across this amazing vday nail art and wanted to share it with you. Comment on your favorite or post your Valentine’s inspired nails.

Lola’s February & Valentine’s Day Inspirations!

‘Tis the season of love, and though I’m more focused on music than anything right now, I’m only a girl, and I can’t help but want to spend my few spare moments watching Sex and the City while gossiping about boys with my girl friends and doodling little hearts in my notebook. Or at least… More »

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