Everything Has Beauty, but Not Everyone Can See It

A while back when I was browsing through We Heart It,  I found a picture of a tattooed phrase that said “Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see…

Thought Blog: What Is True Beauty

Just like my last Thought Blog, I found inspiration through a video I came across online…

What NOT to Wear to Prom

Prom is a chance for you to dress up and look your absolute best! You get your hair, makeup and nails done for the occasion and take tons of pictures all night, so you better look good. Choosing the right dress is important and it needs to be the perfect dress for you! While I… More »

The Most Hideous Jeans To Ever Exist

I really don’t think I have EVER seen a garment so ugly.



Hot or Not? Jimmy Choo Ugg Boots

Clearly this is a completely rhetorical question as these shoes are HIDEOUS. But since my eyeballs were assualted by this image so early in the morning, I felt I…

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