Emerging Talent: HUDSON Releases Lyric Video For “Chained”



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Flashback To The 80’s: A Decade Of Synthpop

The 80’s have come and gone, and let’s face it: most of us weren’t even around then to enjoy it but luckily we have family and friends who have experienced the 80’s so we can live vicariously through their stories. Plus we have loads of music to pour over as we learn the history behind… More »

Whose Music Will We Remember In The Next 30 Years?

Lately, I’ve been record shopping hoping to gain some inspiration for future blog post. I could spend hours just flipping through racks, looking at all the old classics. I stumbled across this one section that…

Get To Know: Lowline

I found out about alt-rock band Lowline about a year ago on iTunes when their song, “Outside,” was the Single Of The Week. They were even named <a href="http://jeremyfall.buzznet.com/user/journal/17255512/app-week-anydo/"…

Billboard Reveals “Music’s Top 40 Money Makers”

Billboard has released their list of “Music’s Top 40 Money Makers” and you will never believe who made more than this year’s Grammy golden girl Adele and mother monster herself, <a…

President Obama Puts No Doubt And Arcade Fire On His Playlist

The President–he’s just like us! He makes playlists! (on spotify, even). Barack Obama has revealed his 2012 re-election campaign playlist and much to my personal delight, No Doubt‘s Tragic Kingdom track “Different People” is…

George Takei Should Be Broadway’s Spiderman

So, the Spiderman musical Turn Off the Dark is becoming somewhat legendary in its complete and utter fail. Despite having millions of dollars dumped into the production, music by Bono and The Edge of U2…

The Evolution of Bono

A young boy from Dublin turned international super star with a heart of gold. We’ve watched him rock the mullet, we’ve joined his (RED) campaign, and we still can’t seem to get enough of this man! This is the Evolution of Bono.

Florence And The Machine US Summer Tour!

Florence And The Machine will be coming back to the states this summer for a tour including a few dates…

“Spiderman: the Musical” Actually Happening

Comic books are quickly taking over Hollywood.  Between this past year’s hits Iron Man and The Dark Knight and with a highly anticipated movie adaptation of Watchmen in the…

U2 & Green Day – The saints are coming

2007 VMA nominee

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