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7 Songs That Should Be Featured On TV

Music adds a certain element to our favorite TV shows and without it, a crucial scene just doesn’t flow as well. The more I listen to certain songs, I can just picture them in a TV scene but unfortunately, music supervisors don’t always get the memo. Though I’ve been finding myself watching less TV lately,… More »

Album Review: Tyler Glenn – ‘Excommunication’

Tyler Glenn is one of those people who you can just turn their records on and find some guidance, which is probably why he has always been one of my favorite people in music. His passion, his talent and his honesty have always made me gravitate towards him as he understands all too well what… More »

GPO Tyler Glenn

Today we celebrate the birth of Neon Trees frontman Tyler Glenn. Let us rejoice in his musical prowess, his captivating charisma and his atonishing collection of AMAZING JACKETS… by looking at lots of photos of him. Any objections? HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYLER GLENN, Buzznet loves you! For more hotness, check out these gratuitous photos: Gratuitous Pics… More »

Panic! at the Disco and Neon Trees Combine Their Powers to Cover Springsteen’s ‘Dancing in the Dark’

What happens when you get two intense frontmen like Brendon Urie and Tyler Glenn on stage together to perform a cover of a Bruce Springsteen hit? I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure what I just watched was MAGIC. During the 9/1 show in Central Park, Panic! and Neon Trees collaborated on a cover of… More »

MTV VMA Tweets: Betty White, Tyler Glenn and No One Likes Chris Brown

I didn’t watch the VMAs. But I did watch Twitter. Here were some of my favorite tweets:

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20 Sizzling Summer Crushes: HOT GUYS

Who doesn’t love a hot guy… or 20? In honor of the Blue Crush 2 DVD being released June 7th, we are getting our surf/beach day/bikini gear/pool party mixes together. All this summer activity has gotten us in the mood for summer love, so we made a list of our celebrity crushes JUST IN CASE… More »

Who Do You Get a Hall Pass For? (Get Your Friends-With-Benefits On)

I can’t believe I just said “Get Your Friends With Benefits On.” I officially have no soul. Look, if you’re a consenting adult and you want to do the FWB thing, hey, more power to…

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