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Buzznet Exclusive: 18 Years Of Warped Tour With Pat Kirch

The Maine have been a hard working band since day one, and according to the band’s drummer Pat KirchWarepd Tour was no exception. Take a look at Pat’s memories of being on the tour and…

Buzznet Exclusive: Tour Bus Chats With The Maine’s Pat Kirch

Here is another portion of my chat with Pat Kirch of The Maine on the band’s tour bus. I happen to be a big fan of The Maine, and Pioneer has been my favorite record they have…

Exclusive: The Maine’s Pat Kirch At Bamboozle

One of Bamboozles main stage acts this year was one of my favorite bands The Maine. The Arizona natives played to a packed beach with a killer view of the Atlantic Ocean.…

A tour of Paramore’s bus

Josh is so funny. I thought he lost his sense of humor considering he seems more of the serious type in pictures lately, but this proves it wrong. One more thing- I love Taylor ^_^ poor Hayley 🙁 -Annette

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