tori amos

Music Stuff 4/19

Um, Akon is gross. (POTP)

Leaky Tori Amos. (Idolator)

The Zen of Screaming. (Spinner)

Bright Eyes debuted at #4 on Billboard! (indieblogheaven)

Music Stuff 4/9

Tori Amos on Britney Spears. (celebitchy)Sporty Spice LIVES! (Pop Bytes)Rivers Cuomo lives! Writes a song about… a pig? (Idolator)New Lady Sov vid. (Yahoo)If you love The Hype Machine send them a postcard!New Muse video “Invincible”

Music Stuff 3/22

Journalistic ethics and Ultragrrrl. (music slut)The many, many faces of Tori Amos. I like “Clyde” (PopBytes)Hey! No dissing the Timberlake! Freakin’ republicans. (Absolutepunk)The One Tree Hill: Road Mix soundtrack. (punknews)

Music Stuff 2.20

Today is Kurt Cobain’s Birthday. He would’ve been 40. (indieblogheaven)Name Taken is reuniting. (absolutepunk)Tori Amos new album, creepy picture. (musicslut)Anotherrrrr Nine Inch Nails leak. (Idolator)

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