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Deck Out Your Wardrobe With Embellished Clothes!

Thanks to bloggers everywhere DIYing those Dolce & Gabanna embellished flower glasses (yowza!), it certainly makes wearing embellished clothes a lot more fun. From embellished Doc Martens to hair accessories, it’s fun to feel bedazzled by all those jewels and rhinestones even if you’re no longer a kid! Check out some of these embellished wear… More »

Get Fruity! Pineapple Themed Clothes You’ll Die For

Ever since Rihanna stepped out in that super adorable pineapple-print romper, I couldn’t get my mind off of the tasty, juicy fruit! While most clothes featuring fruit are mainly from the berry family, I’m glad the tangy fruit finally has an act of its own. In honour of Rihanna’s recent great fashion taste, here are… More »

13 Tribal Print Tops To Vibe Out In

Tribal, Aztec, or Ethnic, whatever you call it, these prints are pretty vibin’. Vibrant and elegant, tribal prints are basically THE thing to wear for attention-grabbing-festivities. Although you’ll need to wait another year for Bamboozle, I’m pretty sure you can find some rockin’ festivities to wear these colourful garments to. So, how can you pull… More »

Get Peppy With These Peplum Clothes!

Need an instant “pep me up?” If so, you can always try the peplum style. Gone are the days when only royalty wore peplum dresses; now anyone who wants an instant hourglass figure can easily achieve that. Whether it’s a peplum top or skirt, investing in one will do wonders to your body. Fitted at… More »

17 Green With Envy Tops For St. Patrick’s Day

Sometimes, wearing green can be a bit daunting because depending on your skin undertones, green may actually look a bit off-putting. But, we’re here to tell you that the color green is cool, and here are reasons why: the color of money is green, the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake has the shade of Kermit’s skin color,… More »

My Top 7 Favorite Crop Top Stores

Crop tops are definitely “in” this summer, and after looking around, here are my favorite ones!

1. Charlotte Russe (

Tie-Front Girl Graphic Top ($19.99) (

Cold-Shoulder Peacock Top ($19.99) (

2. Hot…

WANT: August Edition

Because I covet all over the place.

With Good Taste Dress –

Alexander McQueen bracelet @ Zappos

Pins and Needles Lace Tap Shorts from UO


10 Colorblock Clothes Under $50 You Need Now

If you’re thinking of having a fun block party, start it off right with some colorblocks. Even though it’s winter now, you can still prep your wardrobe with some fun, bright colors! Whether you’re dressing to impress or having a fun girls’ night out, these colorblocks can do no wrong. Yes, this colorblock style is… More »

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