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#FBF 6 MTV Cribs Episodes You Have To Revisit

HAPPY FRIDAY! We have all officially survived the first week of January. If your resolutions are still intact and you’re reading this from a treadmill while eating a salad, mad props to you! If you’re off the wagon sneak eating an Egg McMuffin… be yourself, baby! On this #FBF we wanted to take it back… More »

Music Notes 4/30

Here are today’s music notes for your musical pleasure.

The Gaslight Anthem confirms new album details. 

Coheed And Cambia premiere new song, live! 

Death Cab For Cutie announces new tour. 

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Double You Tee Eff: X-Games Cuts Women’s Vert Skateboarding From Their List of Events

The X-Games were founded in order to give attention to athletes who were failing to get mainstream attention and were not being viewed as “real” athletes.  And it has suceeded in that aim.  However, at…

New Guitar Hero: World Tour Ad Hits Airwaves

So, in case you haven’t caught it yet, there’s a new ad out for Guitar Hero: World Tour.  The commercial parodies the classic “dancing in underwear” scene from Risky Business, but ads a…

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