Tights And Shorts Combos To Copy This Fall/Winter

We’re deep into Fall with Winter around the corner, and we’ve all started layering up and adjusted our wardrobes for cooler temps. However, if you have a more limited closet full of clothes, you might be thinking about how to extend some of your summer threads for a few more months. Thankfully tights exist, and when… More »

8 Tips To Personalize Your School Uniform

Having to go back to school is already bad enough, but for some people, what makes…

Converse Style

It’s undeniable that sneakers are super trendy right now, and I LOVE this trend because I love being comfortable!! Converse are a classic footwear that will never go out of style, and there are SOOOO many different ways to style them! It doesn’t matter if you have more of a rocker style, a preppy style,… More »

Etsy Star: Teja Jamilla’s Printed Tights!

I’ve shown you some pretty amazing examples of one of my favorite fashion accessories with the Urb melting tights, and most recently I’ve found an Etsy shop that changes the look of tights as cleverly as Urb had done, but with unique printed designs. From what seems like an Alice In Wonderland inspired pocket-watch pattern,… More »

Forever 21’s Back To School Threebie Style Off Leggings

It’s always such a bummer when the summer time season comes to an end. But it’s time to clean out your closets and make room for…

Treat Yo’ Self: WIN The Perfect Tights From SPANX!

Baby, it’s still cold outside! This means tights will continue to be a fashion staple until temperatures heat up. Haute Contour Tights by SPANX are perfect in…

Current Obsession: Melting Tights By Urb Clothing

I recently discovered these amazing “melting” tights from Urb Clothingl. These eye-catching tights offer the illusion of slime dripping down your legs! They’re probably some of the wackiest things I’ve seen in a long time and I absolutely love them! Each pair is unique and hand slimed with a layer of Latex and baby powder…. More »

Fashion Inspiration:Tights

My latest fashion obsession has been tights. I love how you can rock a pair of tights with literally any outfit! My favorite way to rock a pair of tights is while wearing a pair of shorts and combat boots! There are so many styles and patterns to choose from. This is why my collection… More »

30 Of The BEST TIGHTS For Fall!

Picture me this morning, singing “SEASSSSOOONNNN OF LOOOOVVEEEEE” when I woke up. Yes, that is because first of all I love the musical RENT, and secondly because it’s fall. Finally, it’s not 400 degrees in Los Angeles, and I can bust out some tights without it being weird. Oh, global warming. Anyways, I was on… More »

WANT… Novi Stars Dolls!!!

I want…Novi Stars Dolls Oh my God, a MoonChild just left me a message about these dolls. Aren’t they unbelievably cute? They have the talking Mae Tallic, scented Ari Roma, Allie Lectric that lights up and Una Verse who is filled with water and glitter. My favorite one however is their newest, Nita Light. She… More »

Inception Dreaming with Breesays

Have you ever talked about a dream, while you were still asleep and dreaming?

Things That I Want: Tights Edition

Now that Winter is nearing, it’s time to cover up them legs! I’ve been really lusting over Pretty Polly tights, specifically the House of Holland FOR Pretty Polly collection. I love the faux garter variety and any pair with sparkle. The celebrities love them, I want them, what do you think? Which pair would you… More »


I like tights. And fishnets. This is a gallery of all the tights (and socks and thigh highs and whatnot) I have and wear and want and YEAH! Can I will tights season to begin, like, tomorrow? Most tights from welovecolors.com!

Tights: The Trilogy

Welovecolors hooked it UP with some new knee highs, fishnets and thigh highs. WHICH PAIR DO I WEAR ON MONDAY SO MANY CHOICES. Also, this is the first video I made in final cut express. Sh*t is com-pli-cated.

Photo Blog: Worth A Million Words

Sometimes I find it harder to explain what I am thinking in actual words than other times.

Since this is not one of those latter moments, I give you a Photo…

I love my new tights

What Are You Wearing x We Love Colors Tights Contest WINNER!

After much intense deliberation and sleepless nights, Breesays and I have chosen a winner for the What Are You Wearing x We Love Colors Tights Contest.

Congratulations amaliareyes! Keep your eyes peeled, we…

We Love Colors Tights Contest

as many of you have discovered over the years, i LOVE tights! theyre such a great staple and an easy way to add a little edge or a little color to almost any outfit. one of my favorite brands of tights right now is We Love Colors! they have so many different styles, colors and… More »

Hanna Beth and We Love Colors Photo Caption Contest

What Are You Wearing x We Love Colors Tights Contest!


Reblogged from yasi

If you’re like us (and by us I mean Breesays) tights play a major part in your day-to-day…

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