August Inspiratons!

just started the month of August! and it is my favorite because it is the month of my birthday (the day on August 2), this month fills me with inspiration dce all my favorite things, like, hair coloring, pastel, pink, purple, pretty things, flowers, expansions, tattoos and much more I love, and here they share!.

30 Things I Think Are Beautiful

As most of you can tell by my last few blogs, I am hibernating inside my house, writing, drinking tea and wishing everything was the same, and that everything was different. I just need to surround myself with love, and beauty. Here are 30 things I think are beyond lovely. xx! ps. make sure to… More »

Stuff I Own – A Blog About Stuff

This blog was inspired by @SeanBonner and his awesome blog on BoingBoing about “Technomadism.”

There are few things in that blog that I will talk about briefly because I know you are probably lazy…

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