10 Of The Best Celebrity Audition Tapes

I was randomly looking on Youtube and came across an INCREDIBLE audition tape of Rachel Mcadams and Ryan Gosling for The Notebook. I then saw there were TONS of…

80 Of The Best Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” Posts

If you have eyes or even ears there is a 90 percent chance you are in love with Ryan Gosling in some way. Whether it is his great acting in movies (and his abs) or his incredible voice in his band Dead Man’s Bones, he is just so lovable. Every since The Notebook I have… More »

The Cutest On Screen Couples

No matter how much you try to deny it, Titanic and The Notebook are the kinds of movies that make you fall in love with the characters. There is just something about on screen romances that make you swoon. I have so many favorite famous TV and movie couples, I got wrapped up looking them… More »

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