The Evolution Of Hilary Duff: Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to one of the only child stars who has never cracked. Today, September 28, is Hilary Duff’s 26th birthday. The Lizzie McGuire star turned mom has been bracing us with her cuteness since 2003. She’s a rare gem who didn’t follow in many child stars’ footsteps and end up in rehab, jail or… More »

Skye Sweetnam: Still Making Noise, Just Not In The Basement

If you were anything like me in high school, your Friday nights consisted of kicking back in front of the TV and watching the Friday night lineup on…

Unicorns, Stars, and Rainbow Kittens: The Evolution of Lisa Frank

Oh to be 10-years-old again. The time where your only care in the world was whether or not Justin Timberlake would actually consider dating someone your age (thankfully not,) and when nothing brought you greater joy/street cred than showing off your new ballin’ Lisa Frank folder. Now, i never thought of Lisa Frank as anything… More »

Horror Remakes: Then and Now

Seemingly every time I go to the movies there plays a trailer that makes me scratch my head wondering, “Doesn’t this movie already exist?” Despite the thousands of hopefuls moving to Hollywood to pen the next great screenplay, the showbiz execs prefer to say, “nahh, I think we’ll just re-make that movie from the late… More »

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