The Great Escape Festival: Day 3 Round-Up Review

Day Three (Saturday) of The Great Escape passed quickly with the annual new music festival going out…

Katy Perry Takes John Mayer To Meet The Parents!

Katy Perry and John Mayer are heating up and getting serious! Has Katy Perry really taken John Mayer home to meet her parents? The due decided to pack up and take a…

Day Of The Dead Inspired Tattoos!

I’m counting down until Halloween! I can’t believe it’s almost October! I’ve been so excited for summer to end, especially because of the 100 degree weather! Which Day of the Dead tattoo do you like the most? I can’t wait for pumpkin spice, pumpkin pies and lot of treats! What are you most excited about… More »

Is Christina Aguilera Bitter About Britney Spears Joining X-Factor?

This year alone we have seen Britney Spears and Mariah Carey become judges on hit shows! Britney recently joined X-Factor with Demi Lovato and are touring the country looking for people with…

Zac Efron’s Twitter Q&A Interview!

About an hour ago, Zac Efron went on twitter and answered live questions his followers (fans) were sending! Fans had to include the hashtag #AskZacEfron in order for Zac to see it. I…

The Fast Lane – Raquel Reed

muito linda, e canta demais *-*

The Fast Lane – Raquel Reed

muito linda, e canta demais *-*

Twilight, New Moon etc.


1. why the hell does she have this annoying need to complain about absolutely everything…

Indie/Alternative Songs You Should Listen To…..

            I’m a huge fan of alternative/indie or Indie/Rock  music.Here’s a list of alternative/indie songs I think you should be listening to of at least know about.Honestly,if you’re an indie-music lover check these songs out.

ThE bLacK paradE

itZ vEry beautiFuL s0nG… iT reaLLy sUckZz..

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