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Musical twins Jess and Lisa Origliasso, better known as The Veronicas, are also known for their coveted style. I can’t say i am a fan of their music, in fact it makes me want to block my ears, (mainly because it’s played on repeat everywhere) but i do have to give them kudos at times… More »

Buzznet’s Favorite Badass Babes of Music

With only a week until Snow White and The Huntsman hit theaters, fans are getting super pumped! There’s no denying that Kristen Stewart is going to be one kick-ass Snow White and in celebration of the upcoming release, we decided to compile a gallery of our favorite bad ass babes who have made a serious… More »

The Vixens of Rock

From Karen O to Hayley Williams, these are the women who are burning up the rock scene in 2011!

Don’t need a fur

PETA has released a new provocative poster with girls from The Veronicas with the slogan: Here’s the rest of your fur coat”. Totally agree!

Primitive times have passed.


Young Hollywood Awards 2010

Hanna Beth chats it up with Boo Boo Stewart, The Veronicas & Steven R. McQueen from ‘Vampire Diaries.’

Enter To Win A Massive Survival Package From Buzznet

All summer long we have been providing bands these awesome coolers full of all the necesseties a band could want while on the road on tour. Since the summer is coming to an end and

The Veronicas On “So You Think You Can Dance”

Aussie twins Lisa and Jessica (better know as The Veronicas) are going to perform a fantastically retro swing dance next week on FOX.

Just kidding, these girls are singers, not swingers. But ah, they will be…

Demi Lovato Gushes Over Her Crushes, Discusses New Songs

I almost forgot that Demi Lovato was one of Bamboozle’s performers thiis past weekend (I have a No Doubt one-track mind, what can I say?), but Buzznet member Kari Culver got a little sit down

I’m so aggravated!!!

Just venting a little bit, heh.

I leave for Ohio on the 5th, and I’m coming home on the 7th or 8th. The Veronicas are going to be there the 12th =(


Jess Origliasso COMMENTED ME!

=D She commented one of my pictures on myspace.. OMG! haha, yayyyy! but I have to go.. I’m grounded from here until tomorrow.. ttyl!

best friends for freaking ever and ever.

it’s WARM OUTSIDE! *goes crazy*

My Veronicas Radio Prank!

so the first call was times better.. but this one is pretty funny too. first time they asked what other song we would request, and I said “Seventeen Forever by Metro Station!” And she’s like “Oh yeah, you girls are probably into that Cyrus boy, aren’t you?” And I said “Of course, we love him!… More »

Text Your Questions and Money Will Be Donated To Wildlife Warriors!

Message from Jess & Lisa of The Veronicas —

Text us your questions about Australia and we’ll keep track of how many texts we get. If we get 2,000 texts from you guys over…

Ready For Valentine’s Day?

here’s a little playlist of some songs that will get you in the mood.


top 5 songs part 2

haha sorry for the blank pauses.. i was sick + i was coming up with these on the spot.. comment xo

top 5

i’m posting this again cause i don’t think it ever uploaded last time.. stupid buzznet!!

Seeing Double with The Veronicas

Getting Ready for Prom with The Veronicas

furrrrrr & glamour

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