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Chloe Moretz Just Dropped A Little Mermaid Bomb

When news dropped that Chloe Grace Moretz was going to be taking on the role of Ariel in the live action retelling of The Little Mermaid, fans around the world freaked out and began contemplating which hue of red would look best on Chloe and if the Disney magic could translate to real life. Well, thanks… More »

Woman Crush Wednesday: Chloe Grace Moretz

Here at Buzznet, it’s no secret we’re big fans of Chloe Grace Moretz. We were beyond stoked to hear the news she’ll be playing the Little Mermaid in the live action remake of the animated classic, and from your response on Twitter, it’s clear you’re massive Moretz fans as well. Chloe’s style, talent, and love… More »

Buzz Bites: Chloe Grace Moretz Is The New Little Mermaid

Gigi Hadid  just shared her pimple fighting beauty hack. Apparently she’s not down for facials so this is a good (and cheap!) alternative. Speaking of the Hadid sisters…we now know how Bella and her bf, music hotness, The Weeknd linked up. Ugh they’re too cute. If you love The Little Mermaid, you’ll probably be stoked to hear… More »

The Best Disney Desserts!

I’m a big Disney fan, so when I discovered an entire tumblr page dedicated to Disney cakes, I knew I had to share it!! Here are some of my favorites… What’s your favorite Disney movie? Leave me a comment. 🙂 Mine is The Little Mermaid! More For You: What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’?

Must Have for Fall 2012: Herbie Sweaters

Oh I’m in love with all of this stuff! Guys from young russian brand Herbie make such a cool sweaters! It’s quite ordinary,but the prints are SUPER-DUPER. And T-shirts are coming soon. I need…

Flashback Friday: 11 Classic Disney Movies

Monday was Walt Disney’s birthday, and we’re still celebrating the man behind the mouse’s day of birth. The man who created the world’s most famous rodent Mickey Mouse brought us animated…

My Top 11 Favorite Classic Disney Movie Soundtracks

Recently, I went on a bit of a splurge with Disney Classic movie soundtracks. Below, are the ones I purchased. Hopefully, you remember them. My favorites are the last three; Mulan, The Lion King 2,…

…I Would Not Mosh To This!

So, long story short, I ended up in a discussion yesterday that involved recasting “The Little Mermaid” with guys from bands.  And Gerard Way was cast as Ursula, the Sea Witch.

PLEASE do not ask.  Your…

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