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WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets Music Edition #3 Is LOL

Last night the music industry honored its most exceptional artists at the 58th Grammy awards. It was a star-studded night full of surprises, jaw dropping performances, and moments we won’t soon forget. After all the speeches, songs, and red carpet style, fans at home were able to get a serious laugh in over Jimmy Kimmel‘s… More »

Swooning Over Monday: American Cream

I’ve been spending a lot of time out on my new town of Las Vegas. Trying to fully understand what’s so magical of this place and what it has to offer. I’m pretty sure I…

Music Monday: Winter Forever


The Killers Premiere New Christmas Song ‘I Feel It In My Bones’

For many, today’s date is simply the first opportunity to open advent calendars. However 1st December also marks World AIDS Day which The Killers recognise once…

Plug Into Music: What Makes A Good Song?

Once again I went to a show last week and a question popped into my head. I had this moment while i was of course rocking out to one of my favorite…

MUSIC NOTES: All Time Low’s Jack Barakat Talks Football & More (VIDEO)

Music notes; because let’s face it, #musicrules

Enjoy these three little nuggets of music news to keep you in the loop!

[brightcove id=1833055604001 type=videoList autoplay=0] 

Don’t forget to check out the rest of…

The Killers Release Album Trailer For ‘Battle Born’

If you thought that trailers were just for movies, think again. Earlier today, The Killers released an official teaser for their upcoming album ‘Battle Born‘. There’s still no exact…

The Killers Return With New Music……From 1972

The Killers are back with some new music but calm yourself because before you prepare yourself to hear a new indie chart-topping anthem, the song isn’t as ‘new’ as you may…

Happy Birthday Desert Island Discs – Here’s My Selection

Today the iconic radio show Desert Island Discs celebrates its 70th anniversary. Throughout the years, the BBC Radio 4 edition has heard favourite songs from anyone and everyone including veteran actors, prime ministers and…

Lady Gaga, The Killers And More Confirm 2012 Albums

When I say that Mother Mother (or should I call her Queen of the Damned) is joining The Killers, I do not mean that her…

2011, Music and Me

After reading many end of year lists, I realised there was something missing from them – my opinion. So here’s my own personal list of 2011’s highlights, because nobody else was going to write it…

Pledge To Support World AIDS Today, And Receive A Free Song From The Killers

Today is December 1st which has two main connotations – the first day of advent, and World AIDS Day. The latter isn’t the one people think of first, even though it should be. I confess…

The Killers Bassist Mark Stoermer Gives Away Album For Free

As readers of my blog will know, I love free music. I also love The Killers therefore I really love the fact that their bassist Mark Stoermer is giving…

Artists Named After Other Artists

“Where did you get your name from?” is the interview question all bands dread, but some answers are a little more interesting than others. Some bands are so inspired by their favourite artists that they…

Explaining the Video: Brandon Flowers ‘Crossfire’

Brandon Flowers is…contemplative.

Brandon Flowers is…looking a little beat up.

Brandon Flowers is…tied to a chair?

Is this one of those weird Mormon things?

Oh, wait, there’s explosions and ninjas.  So,…

Brandon Flowers’ Album Art

He went solo and stuff. This is the cover of his upcoming effort Flamingo. I can’t tell if he’s wearing eyeliner–(remember the Mr. Brightside video?)–but I think I’d still hit it. We can talk about the actual music later–for now… *pets screen*

Due to a leak, the New Moon soundtrack is being released on Friday

Overwhelming demand? Mmhmm sure. Btw, I listened to it twice and tbh, it bored me. Anyone else have a review of it–or any thoughts on it?

“New Moon” Soundtrack Goes Indie

The gospel known as Stephenie Meyer’s website has announced the official tracklisting for the New Moon soundtrack. If you’re an indie hipster music snob (circle one or all), brace yourself for disgust and Twitter-trending

Sound the Horns. Coachella is Coming!! Win Tix!!

Australia has the Big Day Out festival, the UK has the Glastonbury festival and Serbia has the Exit Festival, but one of the world’s greatest annual music festivals

Pete Wentz: Father, Bassist, Award Show Host?

Okay, Fall Out Boy fans, you officially have yet another reason to be jealous of your Australia brethren and sisteren.  Because it has been announced that, after finishing up their whirlwind Australian…

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