that awkward moment

Styling Kiersey Clemons For That Awkward Moment Premiere

I styled, my girl, actress Kiersey Clemons for the “That Awkward Moment” Premiere and she was named best dressed by Glamour Magazine!! I love this fresh take on a cocktail dress, it feels…

What Boys Want: Rumor vs. Reality

Dating and relationships are a tricky thing. How are we supposed to know what guys REALLY want? We think we are doing all the right things, and then things just get awkward and we are left like … wait, what did I do wrong? We don’t want you to end up in awkward situations like… More »

5 Ways To Know You’re In A Relationship

You’re hooking up on a regular basis with a hot guy that just can’t get enough of you. You go girl! So now what?

The transition from casual dating to being exclusive can be a little…

Question of the Day: How Far Would You Go To Meet Your Favorite Celebrity?

Let’s get real. It’s time to be honest and admit that most of us have crushes on the people that grace our television screens. We want to touch the faces of those we adore on…

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