This Is Why I Walked Out On A First Date

So last time I checked in with you guys about my annoying dating life, I told you about the guy I broke up with because he was taking for granted all the awesome I had to offer, and treated me like a disposable dirty diaper. Well, one thing I didn’t mention was five days after that… More »

Demi Lovato Tries Not To Cry While Performing In Texas

Demi Lovato fans everywhere are excited to see that the singer and X-Factor judge…

How Crying Benefits Your Attitude and Health

Most people hate the feeling they get when they cry, but I feel the exact opposite. I love crying! The reason I love crying is because it’s a nautural stress reliever…

For Don’t Forget: Michael Jackson Lives In All Of Us

Have already passed two years of the Michael Jackson death, at only 50 years old, leaving his family, his sons and all his fans. Michael was ready for his…

Question of the Day: What Movie Made You Cry Last?

I was trying to find something interesting to write about today but I couldn’t find anything. All of Twitter is exploding with the news that Osama Bin Laden hath been vanquished. When something “big”…

The Many Tears of Leo

My friend Molly made this. //www.madfishestheblog.com/2010/08/i-realized-that-i-see-leonardo-dicaprio-cry-a-lot-in-movies-so-i-made-this.html

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