Curtis Ward Leaves Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon’s guitarist, Curtis Ward, has decided to leave the band. A press release issued this morning stated:

Currently in the US on the Taste Of

fys new bus – back lounge

joe and josh approved. also: snapped from my bunk

fys new bus – back lounge

big windows. the better to see the world with, my dear

If only every band had a shoe organizer on their bus

fys new bus

the lavish hallway

this bunk was pimped out with a cupholder!

On The Road with Taste of Chaos

Bus life, strange new cities and food

Bring Me The Horizon screaminess in Chicago

BWAHHHHH. Thats what it sounds like.

Because you like to hear Oli Sykes talk..

Stage banter in Chicago.

Bring Me The Horizon in Chicago

“Does anyone like to drink alcohol…?”

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