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Christina Aguilera #PassTheRedCup Challenge

Yum! Brands, KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell have launched their…

Taco Bell Promposals!

And just when I thought I had the coolest way of asking a girl to prom, someone had to one-up me by getting Taco Bell involved. So awesome. Respect.

Jessi Jae Joplin’s Fast Food Photoshoot for Ette Clothing

My BFF Bebe Zeva and I recently teamed up to do a fun photoshoot for Ette Clothing. Ette is a brand for quirky, stylish gals who love pizza, cats and ‘good’ bad tv (AKA me and Bebe in a nutshell). Offering both one off vintage pieces and new designs, they aim to bring us the… More »

Give Me All Your Potato Tacos OR Taco Bell Wants To Feed Your Band

This is one of those times I had musical prowess–not so I could acheive rock stardom or travel the world–but because I could get me some free fresco bean burritos.

Taco Bell’s Feed The Beat program…

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