Video Premiere: T.I.’s Back And He’s With Iggy Azalea?!

And we thought we couldn’t be more obsessed with Iggy Azalea, until now!

It is no secret T.I. has collabed with all-star talent…

Taylor Swift Confirmed On B.o.B’s Next Album

Rapper T.I . confesses he was, “pleasantly surprised and confused” when he heard America’s sweetheart, Taylor Swift would be featured on B.o.Bs new album, Strange Clouds. The MTV interview speaks…

Did T.I. Diss Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift has been nothing but super-nice to rapper T.I., especially when she invited him to perform at her concert when she was passing through his…

Pete Wentz Talks New Fall Out Boy Record, Writing Lyrics and Collaborating with TI

Pete Wentz has done a lot of talking about the  new CD his band has been working on.  Band names have been thrown around, most notably AC/DC.  And now he’s revealed

T.I. Was Apparently Readying For His Own Private War

Uh, what the hell does a person need with machine guns if they’re not taking part in a revolution or avenging the death of their family by Columbian drug lords or rescuing their daughter from ruthless mercenaries? Seriously, what is so serious in this bitch’s life that he needs to… from socialitelife.com

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