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now tell me your confession here.

sweeney todd red carpet part deux — its all about the hair

it was freeeeeeezing but fun. tim burton was cool. so was jamie campbell bower. he’s really hot. i think he’s definitely going to be big after this movie. his friend was hating. i can’t believe kieran culkin. i spotted him sneaking in the movie that little scoundrel . watch my interview with amy lee from… More »

The Sweeney TODDLER has arrived!

Tim Burton
and Helena Bonham Carter welcomed a baby girl into their world Saturday, December 15th. [cut=read more…]

Bonham Carter, 41, and Burton, 49,…

rappin with amy lee from evanescence on the sweeney todd red carpet

amy was cool. it was freezing and we both had on fur coats — faux of course. she told me she liked my hair. more red carpet stuff 2morrow

Breesays: Brown eyes better

Breesays is in Sweeney Todd’s confessional chair and buckling under the pressure. Check it out.

My Sweeney Todd Confession

i can’t wait to go see sweeney todd again when it comes to theatres. the ny premiere was so fun even though it was freezing cold. now that ive told u my confession…go HERE and tell me yours.

“Sweeney Todd” premiere

Here I am at the “Sweeney Todd” premiere in New York — so fun. I’ll post more on my red-carpet adventure soon — there’s much more in store!

audrey confesses her celebrity obsession with……….

watch the video and then tell me your celebrity obsession going to see sweeney todd right now — its not even out yet johnny depp woo hoo

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