Skyscraper Day!

Happy Skyscraper Day, babies! Seeing how far Demi has come after releasing Skyscraper makes my heart sing with joy. It’s been a blessing being a part of her journey and an honor hearing these words sung by someone with so much integrity and strength. <3 So, since today is Skyscraper Day ( no, really, it… More »

Get To Know: Niki & The Dove

I first discovered Niki & The Dove a few months ago when their song “The Drummer” was the Single of the Week on iTunes. I just recently listened to…

Britney Spears: Two New Interviews

Finally, an interview where she doesn’t mention how much she loves Adele, vanilla candles and how great everything is. That’s cool and all, but it’s a tad refreshing to watch Brit Brit rack her brain…

Mind Your Step

Mind your step is a street illusion at Sergels torg in Stockholm between 7-12 June 2011 created by photographer Erik Johansson. It’s really impressive and of huge impact! What do you think?

Street Style: Stockholm Syndrome

When you think Sweden chances are you probably think: blonde, neutral, and winter.
Truth is that the streets of Stockholm actually are rather blonde, neutral, and winter-esque! 

So how does the…

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