Fashion Spotlight: Feat. A$AP Rocky + NYFW Photos

I am a huge fashion fan, I love high end fashion, street style, sneakers and I of course love music. When I first came across A$AP Rocky I felt like he showcased the best of all of those genres I am interested in, I was hooked. Future best friends maybe? He is extremely talented, has… More »

Swagger For Dummies

Lately I’ve been noticing how confused some people get when it comes to the term “swag.” I’m not a big fan of the term myself. I think it’s overused and more importantly, misused. I like…

Austin Mahone VS Justin Bieber: Who Does It Better?

Ok SO I have been seeing MTV mentioning this up and coming talent that goes by the name of Austin Mahone. I wasn’t sure who he was and as…

Emerging Talent: Mindless Behavior

I have noticed some Buzz going around lately (no pun intended haha!) about this group called Mindless Behavior. Someone had mentioned…

Fashion Spotlight: Urban Street Style

I love checking out what is presented at Fashion Week and what are the hot trends of the year however, my favorite fashion is the one that everyday people create. Fashion that comes from the roots and shows off someones unique personality is what really catches my eye. People who can rock anything and make… More »

Hot Or Not: Justin Bieber Rocks TenEleven Clothing

Back in December I released a Buzznet exclusive photoshoot I did with TenEleven, an up and coming clothing line! This line has been…

Kreayshawn’s Wingman DJ Lil Debbie: Stylin’ and Swaggin’

Kreayshawn might be known as the leader of the White Girl Mob, but her sidekick, DJ Lil Debbie, is actually the genius behind the group’s swag-tastic style. Lil Debbie, nee Jordan, is WGM’s resident DJ, stylist and model. She could also pass as Kreay’s twin, but the two aren’t actually related. Lil Debbie is known… More »

Mood Board: Swag, Individuality, the Unexpected (and Also More Swag)

Kreayshawn released her second single, “Rich Whores,” last week, which has only heightened my obsession with the swagged-out Bay Area rapper. I also officially just bought a “Pre-Sale Limited Edition T-Shirt Bundle” ticket…

Kreayshawn and Lil Debbie: “We’re Just Kids… Let Us Do What We Want!” (VIDEO)

Kreayshawn and her WGM (White Girl Mob) sister Lil Debbie, talk Bay Area hip-hop, getting recognized on the street, and what they’d do if Gucci sent them free clothes. Check out Kreay’s recent interview with MTV News, too! Check out Lil Debbie’s crazy style in this LIL DEBBIE SWAGGIN GALLERY!!!

Swag Like a Boss

If i ever had a monkey, this is the monkey I would want. Swag “Like a BOSS!” Ahaha

Defamer SwagWatch: The Deadly Silent Dummy

The delivery of unbidden swag to Defamer HQ is such a rare occurrence that we momentarily get excited by the unexpected appearance of a package on our doorstep, forgetting that it will invariably contain promotional… from defamer.com

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