’90s Supermodels Who Slayed The Runway

September is here, which means New York Fashion Week is kicking off. Man, don’t you miss the good old days of bomb ass mega supermodels? Sure, we’ve got GiGi and Kendall, but nothing beats those ’90s supermodels who just slayed all day. On this flashback Friday, let’s reflect on some of the greatest models of… More »

Do You Really Want To Look Like Her?

Do you really wanna look like her?

Have you ever realized how much the media pressures girls to be anorexic looking? Honestly. There’s the Barbie doll, whose body is unattainable and promotes an…

Glamazons: The Best Supermodels Of The 80s

The 80s was a time for stunning, statuesque supermodels, all arched eyebrows and jutting curves. Here are some of our favorites of the era.

The 10 Highest Paid Supermodels

From Gisele to Heidi, these supermodels are not only the hottest in the business, they are also the 10 highest paid models in the world.Forbes magazine has released their highly coveted list of the world’s top banking supermodels. Take a look to see who made the list! [Source: Examiner]

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