Super Bowl 2014: Best Apps For Watching The Game

With Super Bowl Sunday just around the corner- here are my top picks for apps that will keep you connected and in the game! 


The Hottest Women In Super Hero Movies

So after watching The Dark Night Rises this weekend I decided to put together a gallery of the hottest women in super hero movies. There have been many hot catwomen’s! Which one of these ladies was your favorite women in a super hero movie? My vote goes to Anne Hathaway as Catwomen in The Dark… More »

Ellen Page Joins Twitter (BRB, Plotting to Become Her Internet BFF)

So, last week we found out that Mr. I-Can-Do-Everything-No-Really James Franco had joined Twitter.  And that’s pretty cool.

BUT THIS WEEK!  Oh, this week another new celebrity face joins Twitter.  Ellen Page is now committed…

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