10 Small Struggles Only Girls Can Understand

If you’re a girl, it’s easy to understand the small struggles we deal with that can make us all feel a little crazy and erupt with a loud “Arrrrgh!” They’re annoying, happen often, and if these struggles didn’t exist, the world would be a happier place. 1. Clumping mascara – Because even if you get mascara that says it doesn’t clump…it does…. More »

The 12 Struggles Of Winter

I have completely had it with winter and it’s only January! The snow, the bitter cold, feeling like the Michelin tire man with some stupid coat on all the time, ugly ass snow boots that don’t even keep my feet warm. The list is endless. There are plenty of things to complain about winter so… More »

15 Things Everyone Should Know About Love

My friend Bree said to me the other night (yes, buzznet bree, we miss her right?!) ” i really appreciate your “take no prisioners, i don’t care” approach to things. It helps me feel tougher than I am.” I love that, because that’s the entire way to make your life easier. To live without fear,… More »

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