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Britney Spears On The New Star Magazine Issue

Star Magazine tries to stay relevant by rehashing Britney’s dark times in 2007 thanks to the defamation lawsuit brought on by Sam Lutfi. Star says Britney having to hear about these painful memories may send her into another downward spiral. “She has been freaking out and crying nx, locking herself in her room,” says a… More »

Britney Spears On New Star Magazine

Star magazine claims Britney and Jason are on the outs. “He can’t take her craziness anymore,” a friend tells the tab. “He never knows what she’s going to be like from one day to the next – sometimes she’s happy, other times she starts talking in funny accents and doesn’t make sense. He is exhausted.”… More »

Britney On New Star Magazine Issue

The new issue of Star magazine claims Jason Trawick cheated on Britney. The story goes into a little more detail about how “erotic dancers” approached Jason and his buddies at the W Hollywood hotel bar and invited them to Kinky Room, an event at hotspot Tru. “Jason was really paranoid about being recognized,” a source… More »

Erica Rose in Li Cari

Today I had a fitting with Erica Rose from “The Bachelor: Rome” She came by my showroom to look at dresses for the Star Magazine event! She looks so fun and edgy in this white silk two layer dress from my Spring/Summer collection. I styled it with the studded belt for a fun feel. Watch… More »

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