The 2014 Teen Choice Awards Are Here!

The 2014 Teen Choice Awards are finally here and we’ve got the complete list of the nominees!

The Teen Choice Awards is an annual awards…

These Athletes Show Off Their American Pride!

As I mentioned before I am team U.S.A across the board. Not only do I represent the U.S.A as an olympic fencer BUT I of course love this country outside of my sport. I am not alone, these fellow athletes in this gallery were captured showing off their American pride! Take a look through the… More »

Daniel Gibson opens up about divorce from Keyshia Cole

Words and Images by DeWayne Rogers

Styled by Kris Cole

Grooming by Ella Mokamba

Daniel Gibson is at a crossroad. He knows it. And so does the rest of the world. So pivotal are his next…

Sports Fans At Their Best

We are at the peak of sports seasons and I have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that is sports fans. There are many different kind of sports fans. There…

Things To Entertain You This Summer

SUMMER IS HERE! For some of us that means more free time, and for others it doesn’t. But if you’re after something to keep you from being bored during these Summer months, this is my chance to help keep you entertained! I’ll be adding to this gallery all summer. A lot of these activities are… More »

Carly Rae Jepsen Throws Cutest/Worst First Pitch Ever

[kaltura id=0_jmdu7glf autoplay=0 type=single]

Carly Rae Jepsen doesn’t claim to be an athlete, and after her throw at the Tampa Bay Rays MLB game versus the Houston Astros in Florida this…

32 Celebrities Playing Sports

Playing sports is a great way to stay fit and have fun while exercising. There are so many sports to pick from such as tennis, basketball, baseball, volleyball, surfing, soccer, football, and much more! Here are 30 celebrities bringing out their sporty side! XoXo, Katelyn

Show Us Your Tatts: Featuring David Beckham

As you all know I am constantly posting about tattoos and music because those seem to be two of the main things in my life that I always love. I have done a few “Show Us Your Tatts” posts in the past featuring our faves and their ink! This time I am showing off David… More »

Fan Team Tattoos: Superbowl XLVII Edition

Calling all football fans! On Sunday, February 3, 2013 the San Fransisco 49er’s and the Baltimore Ravens will play each other at Superbowl XLVII. One thing I love about sports is the crazy fans. They get so into the game with their passion for the sport and I love it! I found some fans for… More »

My Childhood Favorites

Here are a few fun questions that I answered about my childhood favorites! I hope you enjoy reading them, and checking out my gallery. Who was YOUR favorite power ranger? Keep reading to find out who mine was! When you were a kid did you prefer Barney or Sesame Street? Sesame Street Who was your… More »

Carly Rae Jepsen Starts A Flash Mob! (VIDEO)

Carly Rae Jepsen‘s song, “Call Me Maybe,” is such a phenomenon, it only makes sense to combine it with another craze, flash mobs. That’s exactly what happened at the 2012 Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day,…

How Bout Them Yankees?!

I’ve been back in New Jersey for almost a month now. I’m LOVING my Summer visit so far. It’s been amazing seeing my family and friends. My boyfriend even came to town for a few days to spend some time with me. 🙂 The other day I went with some of my best friends to… More »

The Women’s Action Sports Alliance Comments on ESPN’s X-Games Dropping Women’s Vert

Earlier this month, I reported that the X-Games had eliminated Women’s Vert Skateboarding from their list of events.  I shared quotes from Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins, a multiple time X-Games Gold Medalist in Women’s Vert,…

Double You Tee Eff: X-Games Cuts Women’s Vert Skateboarding From Their List of Events

The X-Games were founded in order to give attention to athletes who were failing to get mainstream attention and were not being viewed as “real” athletes.  And it has suceeded in that aim.  However, at…

Shawn Michaels & Dx Gifs and Banners

                                                         HBK gifs & banners,along with DX gifs & banners.

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HBK Gifs   ( Recent )


CM Punk Icons & Gifs & Banners


           I love Cm Punk! He’s hot,he’s talented & different from most of the other wrestlers.So for other CM Punk fans I’ve went around & collected as many icons,gifs,banners as I could.I will be adding…

No Apologies

I will begin by saying that this is in reaction to a lot of things, but was finally set off by comments in Wendy’s fantastic Virgin/Whore complex journal, as well as from reading a…

Kate Hudson Dating Lance Armstrong


Kate Hudson Dating Lance Armstrong


Roger Clemens Had An Affair with Mindy McCready

Country singer Mindy McCready confirmed a ten year affair with embattled pitcher Roger Clemens. “I cannot refute anything in the story,” a tearful but resolute McCready told the Daily News, which broke the story at midnight Sunday. The News reported that the two met in a Florida karaoke bar when McCready was… from

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