So I just got this photo from the TWINS , TMPH and Peter they have been on a trip to SKULL MOUNTAIN somewhere far away and wanted you to see how they are doing. Peter of course had to climb pretty far up while TMPH was trying to urge him to come down before he… More »

Skull Tattoos

I have to say it! I’m the biggest fan of tattoos and recently I found many skull tattoos that i loved them! So, I wanna show us a little bit of these tattoos, they are…

Lovely Bones

No longer do skulls exclusively belong to the world of Halloween – they have graduated to full on, year round, mega trend status! Your grandma still might think you have sold your soul to the devil, but rest assured the rest of the fashion world is right along with you. From boho Pamela Love howlite… More »

Top 10 : Skull Rings

I love skull rings. I am passionate, and they come in different shapes, designs and colors … These skull rings look great with any outfit. So I chose 10 skull rings, and you choose which are your favorites. See!

Katy Perry Goes Incognito at Knott’s Berry Farm with Full Skull Makeup

Katy Perry has never been one to blend into a crowd, but on Saturday night she fit right in. The pastel pop princess went undercover at…

One with Nature // Catching a Dream

It’s almost April, which means the hippie in me is coming out in full force… I am inspired by nature and all its wonders, and think we should all bring it…

Death by Inspiration

I love dark photos, these photos are so inspiring to me. What do you guys think? Do you have any cool photos that are dark and inspiring…


I have this T-Shirt that has skulls all over the front of it. I like to wash my nice or band T’s by hand and think they look quite cool in the soapy bubbles : )

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