Current Obsession: Black Milk Clothing

i have always been a huge fan of crazy leggings and any and all amazing platform shoes. A few months back I came across a brand that has all of that called Black Milk Clothing. They have great quality leggins, bodysuits, skirts and shoes with pretty much the coolest patters I could ever think of…. More »

Get Peppy With These Peplum Clothes!

Need an instant “pep me up?” If so, you can always try the peplum style. Gone are the days when only royalty wore peplum dresses; now anyone who wants an instant hourglass figure can easily achieve that. Whether it’s a peplum top or skirt, investing in one will do wonders to your body. Fitted at… More »

Get The Look: Crop Top Chic

If me telling you last week in our Spring Trends report wasn’t enough (which, let’s get serious, we all know it wasn’t), then seeing Katy Perry and Selena Gomez rocking crop tops with high-waisted skater skirts should definitely drive the point home: this is a style match made in heaven. This outfit combo is perfect… More »

Sixteen Swishy Skirts To Sashay Around Spring In

You know what is the best? When it’s warm outside and you throw on a swishy skirt and then put on your favorite song and spin in circles in the grass to it and let the skirt REALLY DO ITS THING. I know you know what I am talking about, and because it’s almost time… More »

Trend Spotting with Sylvs – Leather Edition

I cannot say it enough, this winter is all about

Now you don’t want to be all leathered up like Jimmy Fallon, just add in some key leather pieces…

10 Colorblock Clothes Under $50 You Need Now

If you’re thinking of having a fun block party, start it off right with some colorblocks. Even though it’s winter now, you can still prep your wardrobe with some fun, bright colors! Whether you’re dressing to impress or having a fun girls’ night out, these colorblocks can do no wrong. Yes, this colorblock style is… More »

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