Beauty DIY: Skin Saving Oat Mask

I am here to once again deliver you an amazing DIY beauty idea. This week I wanted to find a fun mask that really saves dry and…

Must-Have Fall Essentials

 Fall is here (can you believe it?) and maybe you’re like the rest of us, and just now realizing that your closet and/or beauty routine needs a 

DIY Coconut Oil Moisturizing Mask

As you guys know, I love finding DIY beauty ideas to save our skin, hair, nails, etc and also save some money! This week I wanted to find a mask that…

DIY Cooling Cucumber Face Toner

I am freaking out about this new skin toner I found the other day! This is exactly what I need in the morning to cool down my skin. You know that…

DIY Skin Brightening Face Mask

With summer just around the corner I am willing to do anything to jump start the glowing skin. After doing some research I found this amazing DIY

DIY Lemon Face Toner

I have really been loving finding all these fun beauty DIY to share with you guys! They are all so wonderful and everything you need is either already in your pantry…

Beauty Tested: BUZZNET Approved! Earthly Body Natural Skincare

With so many beauty products out on the market it’s nearly impossible to know what works and what doesn’t. Instead of spending all your cash testing out the latest tonics and potions, the staff at…

New Beauty Favorites

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post on beauty products and I’ve tried out so much new stuff that I love so it’s time for a new one:). Some of these things I’ve also gotten for free as gifts but this is not an advertisement – all these products truly are my favorites…. More »

Will You Buy This $13,000 Face Cream? Amanda Seyfried Might!

As if $5k gold manicures aren’t bad enough, but this extremely pricey face cream can be yours – if you have $13,000! With that kind of money, you can…

My Personal Skin Care Routine: Beauty Bender Interview

Audrey Kitching

Photo by Jon Mayhem

Sunday, June 3, 2012 in Beauty Formula

The busy jet-setting model, designer, stylist and style editor-at-large for…

Olive Oil and Sugar Scrub

It may sound weird, but washing your face with olive oil can help clear your complexion and minimize pores. Add sugar, and you’ve got an exfoliator perfect for the face and legs. Ideally, everything you…

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