New Music Alert – Exclusive Stream of Hegazy’s “Young” EP

With the success of sibling bands like Hanson, Haim, Oasis, and Echosmith, it’s basically a fact that harmonies sound better coming from kin. Now, cue Hegazy, a twin sister duo born in San Diego and raised on Staten Island. These powerful gals pursued solo projects before the big, fat lightbulb went off and they decided… More »

Secret Sexy Celebrity Siblings

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Our favorite celebrities, like Robert Pattinson and Justin Theroux, have superstar good looks and charm, so it makes sense that their siblings, who share the same genes, would have some…

Middle Child Day: Celebs Who Are Middle Children

Today is Middle Child Day, so happy day to all you middle children out there! I am the oldest child so I can’t relate but I do love my sister who is the middle child and have witnessed middle child syndrome first hand…you all know what I’m talking about 🙂 They say that middle children… More »

Happy Birthday Mary-Kate and Ashley: Stylish Celebrity Sisters

Loving celebrity sisters is like an American tradition. The duo that personify famous siblings are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. We’ve all followed their careers, love lives and style since they were babies. However, our favorite famous sisters are officially all grown-up. Today the Olsen twins turned 27. In honor of their birthday, we’ve rounded up… More »

Family Ties: Celeb Siblings We Love

While it’s pretty sweet to be a celebrity (the fame, the fortune!), there are definite downsides to being a celeb. Who can you really turn to other than your non-celeb friends… or your celeb “friends”? Ah, the beauty of having someone who completely relate to you – especially when it comes to your siblings! Some… More »

Glee Recap: ‘Big Brother’ Episode

ZOMG GUYS! GLEE’S BACK! Tonight’s episode was pretty awesome, but that was mostly because of the brotherly feud between Blaine (Darren Criss) and his famous brother Cooper…

Are the Olsen Twins the Most Fashionable Sisters in the World?

Vogue has given the Olsen Twins their first cover and deemed them the most fashionable sisters in the world. They probably are the most cutting edge duo out there, but what do you think? Are there any other siblings that you think out-style Mary Kate and Ashley? Tell me who YOUR favorite pair are, here… More »

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