short ends

Short Ends: David Lynch Compromises Sneaky Corporate Sponsorship Of Next Impenetrable 3-Hour Mindbender

Short Ends: Ken Burns’ ‘The Office’

Short Ends: Get Trumped

Short Ends: What Comes Between Oscar’s Best Actress And Her Christian Lacroix? Nothing

Helen Mirren, distressingly chaste during her Oscar acceptance speech, saved the sexytime talk for Oprah. Oh, to be one of her breast-cupping seraphim! You know what might have been the most exciting thing about…

Short Ends: 1988 Corey Haim Wants His Fans To Know He’s On The Ball

Short Ends: This Parrot Can Do Everything Jim Carrey Can Do, Minus The Moodiness And $20 Mil Paycheck

Short Ends: Richard Simmons Vs. The Steamer

Short Ends: George Lucas’ ‘Singin’ in the Rain’

Short Ends: A Delightful Potpourri Of Day-Ending Links

Short Ends: When Borats Collide

Short Ends: Technicolor Yawn Together

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