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Ashlee Simpson Dresses Up As “The Grinch”

After an eventful day of Christmas treen Shopping with Bronx Mowgli Wentz, Ashlee Simson decided to keep the festivities alive by dressing up as “The Grinch” with a green mask while riding little Bronx’s Spiderman bike around her kitchen. What a cute mom! Ashlee seems to be in good spirits after her recent breakup with… More »

5 Simple Tips To Survive The Holiday Shopping Season

(This picture gives me anxiety……)

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! Today is Black Friday and you know what that means: RUN…

10 Glitzy Heels To Glam Up Your Holidays!

Now that Thanksgiving’s over and Black Friday’s still going on, why not start your holiday shopping right now and glam up your feet! From embellished heels to other shimmery footwear, we’re sure you’ll be shining brighter than your Christmas tree lights. Check out these 10 shimmery, glitzy heels that will brighten up your holiday season!… More »

Survive The Craze: Black Friday Playlist

For those of you who plan on waiting outside your local Best Buys and malls whispering “open, open open” on Black Friday, here is a playlist that will keep…

20 Questions With Fashion Blogger: Nicole Alyse

I recentlly asked my good friend/fashion blogger a few interesting questions. Nicole Alyse is notoriously known for her collection of vintage tees, disposable cameras, and her love for iced coffee. Nicole is aNew York City based vintage collector turned clothing curator. Follow her blog here. Check out what she had to say below, as well… More »

Kim Kardashian Goes Costume Shopping For Halloween!

Kim Kardashian sure loves attention! Saturday she shared a picture on Instagram while trying on Halloween Costumes at a local costume shop. Here’s what Kim put as…

Britney Spears Shopping On Robertson Blvd & Talking With Paps

I really really loved this video. Britney really shines and for once, paparazzi has been gentle and not rude or nagging, this the air they should breathe: there’s can be a normal conversation between celebs and paparazzi if these last one are educate. Check out this lovely video where TMZ photog spotted Britney during a… More »

5 Outfits To Release Your Inner ‘Gangnam Style!’

There’s NO denying how catchy (and just how refreshing) this song makes you feel. We’re not talking about just some regular pop music, it’s some psychedelic stuff here. Unless you’ve been living under the rock the past couple of months , you and your friends already know the addictive melody and yes, the constant pelvic… More »

Get The Look: Endeavour Space Shuttle

If you live in California or KNOW anyone that does then your Instagram and Facebook feeds were rapidly filling up with photos of today’s Endeavour Shuttle tour. People across the city flocked to their nearest rooftop to see an object that once flew across SPACE with our own eyes! We wrote about it on Buzznet,… More »

Back To School With Your Favorite Stars

Do you think you could guess who’s old school photos these are?!?! We barely could! Stars like Travis Clark from We The Kings, the guys in Boys Like Girls, and more sent us their school photos to share with you! Also, teenage country-stars Jenny and Ashley share what their personal school style is for this… More »

You Spike Up My World

Happy Wacky Hair Wednesday! I lovelovelove spiked hair bands, so I dedicated a gallery full of ’em, with Samii Ryan head chains (buy them HERE) and ever the lovely Miss Hanna Beth lookin’ like a total babe in her spiked head piece. Would you rock the spiked head piece?! xx.

BUZZNET Obsession: Dani Vitale Shares Favorite Hot Topic Products (VIDEO)

The first of the many BUZZNET OBSESSIONS! It was so cool of Hot Topic to be apart of our first of many episodes! I get to show you what I am currently…

Deck Out Your Wardrobe With Embellished Clothes!

Thanks to bloggers everywhere DIYing those Dolce & Gabanna embellished flower glasses (yowza!), it certainly makes wearing embellished clothes a lot more fun. From embellished Doc Martens to hair accessories, it’s fun to feel bedazzled by all those jewels and rhinestones even if you’re no longer a kid! Check out some of these embellished wear… More »

Japanese Sunday Lunch & Shopping

This half day just spent has been simply amazing. I had lunch at Japanese restaurant with my parents and then I went at the mall for a bit of shopping since yesterday sales just started. Check out my gallery and see what we ate and we bought! 😉

Photo Diary: Fashion & Shopping in Toronto

Hey guys! I got home from Toronto last night, where I spent my 4th of July week! (Whoops, sorry America). Despite the somewhat oppressive heat, I loved the city, what with its many castle-esque brick buildings and plenty of quaint neighborhoods, and naturally while I was there I thought I’d explore what it had to… More »

You Can Get Carly Rae Jepsen’s MuchMusic Awards Dress (It’s Only $96!)

While it seems that most of y’all were on the fence of Carly Rae Jepsen’s other MuchMusic Awards Cleopatra-inspired outfit, we’re pretty sure you’ll heart this one.…

What’s On Ashlee Holmes’ Shopping List?

I’m going to be moving into yet another new apartment come September. I’m already making my shopping list for my new place. I’m going to do a gypsy wonderland theme for the majority of the apartment. Apothecary stuff, skulls, lanterns, music related things, artwork etc… In the kitchen I’m going to have more of an… More »

Blogger News: Sarah-Jane Short Of Vintage Magpies

There’s nothing short about this blogger and vintage shop owner, Sarah-Jane Short! Based in France, but born in England, Sarah loves to share her love for clothes and vintage to her readers and customers. Appropriately titled Vintage Magpies, Sarah-Jane’s blog and shop have a little bit of everything: from punkadelic attire to paisley prints. Though… More »

Get Lost

Ugh, so I’m a day late on the fashion finds of the week! Anytime I tried to post this, it told me there was a server error and I have tried multiple times, but thank goodness it’s working again! Well, I have managed to collect a Union Jack Mullet Tank from Asos, a Get Lost… More »

Feel Peachy With These Beachy Dresses

It’s almost that time again: beach season! While you’re probably done shopping for those cute cover-ups make sure to wear some of these peachy keen dresses underneath when you’re lounging at the beach. Even if you don’t swim (or tan), at least wearing these beachy, summery dresses will make ya feel like you do both!… More »