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Why Carrie Bradshaw Actually Kinda Sucked

Sex and the City will forever remain one of the most iconic television shows in history. For six seasons we watched four best friends navigating the choppy waters of being single women in New York City. We were all led to believe central character, Carrie Bradshaw, lived the most amazing life and had the coolest personality, but truth… More »

Is Sex And The City 3 Finally Being Made?!? See The Evidence Here!!

Brace yourself ladies, the long-awaited Sex and The City 3 may be actually happening!! The first thing that sparked the reports was an interview last week when 33-year old…

In Defense Of Scrunchies

Everything old is new again. It can’t be said enough. This latest trend, though, is sure to push some people overboard on the 90s trend bandwagon. The accessory once so universally hated it was…

Don’t Get Pinched: Celebs In Iconic Green Looks

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here are some of the most iconic green looks in fashion throughout the years. From mint to emerald, check out these memorable style moments that celebrate the luck o’ the Irish.

Flashback Friday: 10 Girls Night Movies

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a good night – out or in – with the girls. With the new hilarious movie Bachelorette (not to be confused with the TV show!) out today,…

Is Miley Cyrus The New Carrie Bradshaw?

Sex and the City the TV show may have ended years ago in 2004, but it’s been confirmed that the show will be back! The hit HBO

Total Inspiration: Carrie Bradshaw

Oh, Carrie! I just adore this heroine. She inspires me both as a writer (I’m a beginning journalist) and with her manner of dress. Eternal inspirer! ♥

Beautiful Outfits Throughout the History of the Cinema

Becoming a legend in cinema is not child’s play. The next ten outfits have become iconic, and are surely out of the ordinary. They are some of the most beautiful, unforgettable, and timeless…

An Open Letter to Sarah Jessica Parker Regarding Sex and the City 3

Dear SJP (can I call you SJP? No? Sarah J? Maybe?),

For years you and your ilk misled young writers like myself into thinking that being a writer was in fact an…

Sarah Jessica Parker Talks ‘Sex And The City 3’

Who’s ready for a third Sex And The City movie?! 

… Are those crickets I hear? Too soon?

After the successful TV series, which lasted six seasons, and two blockbuster films, leading lady…

Charlotte York’s Top 20 Looks of All Time

Charlotte never strayed too far from the world of preppy chic. Look at some of her hottest looks from over the years and tell us which ones you like best! Check out her new fashions in the Sex & The City 2 movie, in theaters May 27.

Carrie Bradshaw’s Top 20 Looks of All Time

Carrie has been a fashion icon in Sex and the City for the past 12 years. Look at her hottest looks from over the years and tell us which ones you like best! Check out her new fashions in the Sex & The City 2 movie, in theaters May 27.

Sex and the City Movie Is Really Probably Happening

Seriously guys. We’re like 99% sure at the moment. TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello has reported that the SATC movie is most definitely happening, and this guy has a real knack for being on the nose more often than not, so as far as gossip goes, this is as good as… from

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