secret santa

Kids In Glass Houses Reveal ‘Secret Santa’ Video

Have you been a good boy, have you been a bad girl? Do you promise to try and feed the whole world? If so, you’re going to…

Kids In Glass Houses Premiere ‘Secret Santa’

Welsh rock band Kids In Glass Houses have premiered their new Christmas song, ‘Secret Santa‘. The contagious song received its airplay debut earlier today…

The Buzznet Christmas Tree + Secret Santa Gift Gallery

This year for Christmas, we need your help! Currently, the Buzznet Tree is naked and we need you to help decorate it! Do you have a favorite ornament? Does it have a cool story you want to share with us or do you just like how it looks? Do you make your own decorations? We… More »

Question of the Day: What Do You Want For Christmahanukwanza?

Presents Day is slowly creeping upon us. That means that you get to ask for outlandish things like G00CHI wallets and BurrBeRrY Trench Coats with iPaDs sewn into the breast pocket and people HAVE to…

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