The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Perfect Summer Music Festival

Let’s state the obvious: There’s an overwhelming amount of music festivals going on this summer. Sure, you’ve heard about the hype of Coachella among others but believe it or not, there is a festival out there with your name on it! If you’re having a difficult time deciding which festival to hit this summer, rest… More »

Festival Fashion Chat: Zola Jesus

Zola Jesus is kind of the cooloest ever. The pint-sized singer makes goth-tinged electronica that is equal parts eerie and awesome. The 23-year old unique beauty not only has a…

Festival Style At Sasquatch! 2012

So as it turns out, when I made my shopping guide about what to wear to Sasquatch! last week and decided to include only maxi dresses, cardigans, and boots (based on zero actual factual information), I was, in fact, not totally correct. As I walked around the festival at The Gorge in Washington State this… More »

Sasquatch! 2012 Recap: A Vision Quest

This past weekend I journeyed up to the Pacific Northwest (George, Washington, to be exact) to attend the famed Sasquatch! music festival. The festival took place at The Gorge, an incredibly beautiful natural landmark that made me feel like I wanted to quit life and move to a forest to be closer to nature, where… More »

What To Wear: Sasquatch Music Festival

Let me be completely honest with you, because we’re friends and all. I am going to tell you what to wear to Sasquatch, but that doesn’t mean I have ever been to Sasquatch or have any idea what I am talking about. I have been to the state of Washington (twice) so I have that… More »

Bands To Watch For: Outside Lands & Sasquatch Edition

Summer music festival season is here, and the best thing about a festival is discovering new music. At Coachella this year I was exposed to an entire new world of music that I feel in love with. While looking at the line up for Outsides Lands and Sasquatch, I noticed a lot of the acts… More »

Sasquatch 2011 Video Playlist

Sasquatch music festival combines the typical festival sh*t (hipsters and drugs) with nature and stuff (hippies and drugs) so that’s cool.  They are also good at mixing up the type of bands they sign on.…

The West Coast is the Best Coast…for Summer Music Fests

Summer: the pinnacle of annual music festivals. Whether you’re a hard rock fan, emo kid, or raver, the season always brings the best in live music. Festivals are the perfect venue to show off summer…

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