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The Best Christmas Themed Tattoos

Okay, KELT-MAS is continuing right along. I have more giveaways tomorrow! But right now, a song… ON THE 13th day of KELT-MAS I gave to you, my favorite Christmas Tattoos. Look, I love Christmas, but some people REALLY love Christmas, so much so, that they tattoo it on their skin, so they can have holiday… More »

Celebs Channeling Old St. Nick!

Christmas is just around the corner and one way people like to get into the spirit of the holidays is by paying homage to the big guy with the presents: our beloved Santa Claus!People love rock his signature red and white hat, undoubtedly making St. Nick proud. Celebs also like to partake in the spirit… More »

Merry Xmas From Britney

Brett, Santa & Brit

dear santa..

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