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Sanjaya’s Moms Had An Herbal Refreshment Stand

The National Enquirer has a piece on how Sanjaya Malakar’s mother was once busted for dealing the devil weed. Hot. Malakar’s American-born mother, Jillian Blyth, was busted in Pierce County, Wash., in February 2005 after neighbors reported smelling marijuana and noticed a large vent on the garage roof, according to court… from

Sanjaya Gets Booed

I can see how Sanjaya’s inexplicable ability to advance round after round could jokingly be construed as an evil force of nature, but now, it looks like the poor kid can’t even go out in public without being treated like some kind of social pariah. At a recent outing at…

Sanjaya Slaughters No Doubt Song, But Decides To Spare Gwen Stefani’s Life

On last night’s edition of American Idol, pony-hawked karaoke incubus Sanjaya Malakar, did not, as we hoped he might, sprout enormous bat wings halfway through his pitch-raping rendition of “Bathwater,” snatch a scandalized Gwen Stefani from the side of the stage, and ascend to the rafters, where he would hungrily…

Sanjaya Malakar And The Death Of Music

If last week’s Ford-sponsored bastardization of Modest Mouse’s “Float On” delivered a point-blank gut-shot to popular music vulnerable belly, then Sanjaya Malakar’s (whom we previously believed to be just a harmless, tone-deaf kid, but now…

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