Hard Resetting Samsung Galaxy Tab: How To

You’ll see in this video, how to perform hard reset of your Samsung Galaxy Tab by following easy to follow steps, firstly power off your device, now press “Volume UP” and “Power” button at same time until “Company Logo” is not shown on screen. For more details contact Email: and Website: //

Samsung, Heineken, And More Post Hilarious Ads Mocking The New iPhones Bending Issue!!!

Who ever thought a bending phone could be so funny? After Apple released the Iphone 6 and 6 Plus on Friday, September 19th people quickly unboxed their new 6 Pluses and quickly realized they have…

How to Open USB Debugging on Samsung Galaxy S5 Mobile Phone

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USB Debugging Mode, in some versions of Android Mobile phone, is also called Developer Options Mode. Then it is relatively easy for you to understand that this…

Everybody Wants To Fool The World: The Top 5 Best April Fools Day Pranks of 2014

Every year, I try to come up with a really good prank for April Fools Day but I always come up short. It looks like some of our favorite musicians, social media sites and gadgets…

How to enable USB debugging on Android Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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How to connect Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to your Laptop for sending SMS using DRPU Bulk SMS Software for Android

Follow these steps


How to enable USB debugging on Samsung Galaxy S4 Android Mobile Phone?

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How to connect Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone to your Computer for sending free SMS using DRPU Bulk SMS…

New Femme Fatale Tour 3D Promo

Samsung aired another new promo for Britney’s Femme Fatale Tour in 3D! All you need is a pair of glasses, popcorn and a several hundred dollar 3D TV!

Femme Fatale Tour In 3D

Samsung is advertising the Femme Fatale Tour special in 3D! It’s not out in full yet, but they’re previewing clips. Check it out!

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