DIY Tuesday – Bringing back the hama beads

I was so excited to dip my toes into the electronic music scene back in 2011 because I was obsessed with the 90’s rave vibes and people used to tell me stories about the most amazing illegal raves in the deserts and other gorgeous places where everyone would go and dress up and it was… More »

Real-Life Sailor Scouts!

These cosplayin’ ladies are bringing Babs Tarr’s “Bosozoku Sailor Scouts” to life Sailor Moon is all grown up and is riding around the streets with her candy-colored biker gang! I love it! Modeled by Michelle Ngyuen, Ruby Leigh Young, Jennifer Newman, Yume Ninja-Sovereign, Mandie Bettencourt and shot by Greg De Stefano <3 Check out the… More »

Is Lady Gaga The Modern Day Sailor Moon?

Today is Moon Day incase you didn’t know…my guess is you didn’t SO Happy Moon Day!

I am a big fan of the moon but also was a big fan of SAILOR MOON! I was looking…

JapanophileUK – Kawaii Jewelery For Anime & Manga Lovers

I recently discovered the wonderful shop, JapanophileUK, and I am so excited to share it with you all. It’s an Anime and Japanese themed jewelry company that creates custom pieces inspired and designed by their fans. JapanophileUK is comprised of Ruth and Jenna who work together to design and create the jewelry and general “geekery”…. More »

My Fashion Icons

My fashion icons range from bubblegum pop princesses to Grunge queens…I guess BubbleGoth is a mixture of them all…ravers and goths all in the same pot <3 Take a look at all these fierce girls that have influenced my style and sound off about your fashion icons in the comments. X.

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