Hey Girl, Prepare Yourself For This: RYAN GOSLING IS A DAD!

Hey girl, it’s a girl!

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes welcomed a baby girl on Friday, September 12!

They managed to keep the pregnancy a secret…

WATCH: Jared Leto Does ‘Hey Girl’ Better Than Ryan Gosling

Sorry, Ryan Gosling – we’ve moved on.

Jared Leto has pretty much given us the best gift of all time and we obviously can’t stop swooning.


Fall In Love With Cam Gigandet

Some of you may remember him as bad boy ‘Volchuk’ on The OC, or maybe you recognize him as Bella’s nemises James in the first Twilight movie. Cam Gigandet tends to play the bad guy in his roles, but these photos of him with his adorable baby girl tell me he’s quite the good guy… More »

EXCLUSIVE: JC Chasez On Old NSYNC Demos, Ryan Gosling & Girl Radical

[kaltura id=0_eag8j1im autoplay=0 type=single]

JC Chasez has put his pop star experience to use and started a new girl group Girl Radical. The 11-army group is a new idea in…

Ryan Gosling Is Lookin’ Good In The Moive Of The Weekend

[kaltura id=0_jli6zeg1 autoplay=0 type=single noads=1]

This week’s movie of the weekend is Only God Forgives staring none other than the very handsome Ryan Gosling. Good or bad you get to look at Ryan…

5 Of The Best Moments From The Mickey Mouse Club!

Hey Music Lovers,

JT, Ryan Gosling, Christina Aguilera, Jc Chasez, and Britney Spears fans unite. I am about to take you back in time to when…

Will Ferrell’s Most Hilarious Moments

In honor of Will Ferrell‘s bday today and the fact I am a HUGE fan of his, I felt I needed to post some of my favorite videos of him. HE…

10 Of The Best Celebrity Audition Tapes

I was randomly looking on Youtube and came across an INCREDIBLE audition tape of Rachel Mcadams and Ryan Gosling for The Notebook. I then saw there were TONS of…

80 Of The Best Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” Posts

If you have eyes or even ears there is a 90 percent chance you are in love with Ryan Gosling in some way. Whether it is his great acting in movies (and his abs) or his incredible voice in his band Dead Man’s Bones, he is just so lovable. Every since The Notebook I have… More »

The Cutest On Screen Couples

No matter how much you try to deny it, Titanic and The Notebook are the kinds of movies that make you fall in love with the characters. There is just something about on screen romances that make you swoon. I have so many favorite famous TV and movie couples, I got wrapped up looking them… More »

Ryan Gosling Saves Woman’s Life In NYC

When we aren’t swooning and wishing we were the lucky lady on Ryan Gosling‘s arm, we’re applauding our beloved Ry-Gos‘ superhero-like tendencies of saving people on…

Hot Male Celebrities And Their Dogs

Check out this gallery of our favorite SEXY male celebs with their pups. What can be better? 😉

Dear Ryan Gosling: This is Your Twittervention. Please Start Tweeting.

It’s such a shame that heartthrob Ryan Gosling has a Twitter account, but doesn’t even use it! The fans are sick of Ryan’s absence from Twitterworld, so MTV News personality…

Ryan Gosling Uncovers Disneyland’s Secret Cat Soldier Underground on ‘Conan’

Just having recovered from the idea of Ryan Gosling going to Disneyland with Eva Mendes AND Kat Denninings, I had to guard my heart from being further broken by this super-human…

10 Moments Ryan Gosling Put Us Under His Spell

Time after time, Ryan Gosling‘s hotness continues to crack away at my glass love ceiling, only to finally burst through and fly into…

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