#FBF Ridiculous Christmas Album Covers

Happy Happy FRIDAY! This Friday’s a real humdinger. We’re working our way towards the big Holiday weekend. As we finish our last minute shopping and mentally prepare for family gatherings and insane travel situations, let’s take a moment to remember what the holidays are truly about… ridiculous Christmas music. On this FBF, let’s peruse some… More »

Buzznet All Star Month: We’re Going To The Ru-niversity!

Did you ever have a moment in your life when you were looking at something so new that you forgot all about everything going on around you and you tunnel visioned your way ever so…

A Plea From Rich: Teach Me How To Throw Shade

When I look at my life, it almost seems complete. I have two jobs, a dog that is always stoked to see me, and my Netflix/Spotify accounts. I can cook for myself and I know…

Happy Birthday RuPaul: The TOP 10 Ruisms, Moments and Songs

Today is the birthday of the king/queen of all things drag! I think it is only appropriate that we all take a much deserved bow for RuPaul who…

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