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Top 5 Romantic Comedies To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Tuesday is officially my Top 5 day. Today I give you my list of the top 5 romantic comedies to celebrate Valentine’s with that special someone… or all alone.

1. Forgetting Sarah…

The Romantic Comedy Guide to Dating, Like, A Totally Real Girl!

So, Aviva wrote this piece about “How to Land a Guy.”  And while I think she’s kind of on the right track, she’s missing out on a lot of the subltleties involved in getting…

Because I DON’T want to be played by Brittany Murphy, THAT’S why!

So occasionally you have those moments where you get the feeling of “HOLY SHIT!  MY LIFE’S A MOVIE!”

Well, maybe you don’t.  But I do.

Anyway, I lean towards my life being one of two genres: action…

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