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3 Hilarious Interviews Of Sleeping With Sirens With Rock Sound

I came across these HILARIOUS interviews of the dudes in Sleeping With Sirens and knew you guys would get a good laugh or 12. 

Check out the Rock Sound Youtue HERE!

Part 1: 

Tour Wars: Kerrang! 2013 Versus Rock Sound Riot

In case you missed it earlier today, UK’s leading rock rag Kerrang! revealed the line-up for their 2013 tour – and, as editor James McMahon expected,…

Fall Out Boy Gets FUCT In The Hall of Fame

Previously, with the help of Patrick Stump, we were told that the most recent Fall Out Boy news was that there WAS no Fall Out Boy news.

However, that has changed.  Slightly.  No, don’t get…




Buzznet Sound Off: Round 4

Congrats to xxmementomorixx, nametags, jassojasso, petemossiscool, and bejbikiler! Their eloquent perspectives are gracing page 19 of Rock Sound (July ’07 issue). Question…

Buzznet Sound Off: Round 3

Congrats to Automaticwriting, oldnotdead, ravenblackhardt, pompasaurus and heyohereiam! Their eloquent opinions on illegal downloading/file sharing music made page 19 of June 2007 <span style="font-weight:…

Rock Soundoff #2

Question #2 was: Does Fashion Play A Role In The Music That You Listen To?

Congrats to <a…

The first Buzznet Sound Off!

Remember when we told you to join the Rock Sound group and participate in the Buzznet Sound Off topic for a chance to appear in the magazine? Proof on page 19:Congrats to suddenxsilence, mendoza, prepylicousgurl,…

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