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Sculpture of Zombie Boy

British sculptor Marc Quinn immortalized Rick Genest, aka Zombie Boy, in Cu Pb Mn Fe Mg Si (copper, lead, manganese, iron, magnesium, and silicon). It was first introduced last fall at…

Must Have for Fall 2012: Herbie Sweaters

Oh I’m in love with all of this stuff! Guys from young russian brand Herbie make such a cool sweaters! It’s quite ordinary,but the prints are SUPER-DUPER. And T-shirts are coming soon. I need…

BTK App – Video #41

Bill: Rick Genest …what an interesting story, beautiful video and amazing photo shoot! Check it out…

See Lady Gaga’s Zombie Boy Without His Tattoos!

If you spend a decent amount of time on the Web, you’ve probably seen Rick Genest, aka Zombie Boy…aka the Canadian model famously cast in Lady Gaga’s “Born This…

Zombie Boy Rick Genest for Inked Magazine

i’m obsessed with zombie boy aka rick genest. check out this editorial in inked magazine where he gets all fancy (i like it). xoxoox what do you think of him?

Zombie Boy Rick Genest Frolics on a Brazilian Beach in FFW Magazine

Heavily tattoed male model Rick Genest (also known as Zombie Boy) was photographed frolicking on a beach for a weirdly tropical/summery editorial called Pierrot Tropical in Brazilian magazine FFW. These photos confuse my brain. Do zombies like the beach? I mean I imagine everyone needs to unwind now and again and the undead are not… More »

Zombie Boy Rick Genest Poses for Schön Magazine

Everybody’s favorite tatted male model, “Zombie Boy” Rick Genest is covering Schön magazine this month. The spread involves bend-y yoga poses and a magnifying glass…interesting. His look kind of freaks me out, I mean, he’s a living skeleton. Are you guys into it? More Zombie Boy below:Zombie Boy Rick Genest Frolics on a Brazilian Beach… More »

Rick Genest, “Zombie Boy,” As Nicola Formichetti’s New Muse?

You might know Rick Genest as “that guy with tattoos all over to make him look like a skeleton.” Now, Genest will be known as Nicola Formichetti’s new muse, as well as “the skeleton guy…

I don’t speak German,but I can if you’d like.

This boy is Rick Genest from Montreal. And yet that’s all I know about him.

Thanks to great Nicola for the discovery of such a delightful person. Rick,you’re my inspiration.


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