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10 Things You Never Knew About Empire Records

Empire Records may not have been a hit at the box office when it debuted in 1995, but it has since turned into a major cult classic. That’s 21 years of quotes, laughter and most of all: music! The movie has been my number one favorite since childhood and it just gets better with age,… More »

Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Her Dream Role: Watch Out Renee Zellweger!

Though she will most definitely be super busy with the next Hunger Games movies and other roles being offered to her, Jennifer Lawrence has revealed the one…

Renee Zellweger Should Have Gone To Bed Earlier

Here’s Renee Zellweger and George Clooney at the Westin Poinsett Hotel in Greenville, South Carolina. They’re on the last stop of the Leatherheads press tour. Thank christ. How much more press can they do for that movie? You’re going to get two sets of people going to it – dudes… from

Dear Renee Zellweger,

Where did you hairs go?

I mean, I know you don’t need a mane of golden, silky strands to do a voice-over, but like,…

The Non-Anna Buzz 2/9

Renee Z’s crazy weight loss plan. (The Skinny Website)Tom Cruise is a big bed spender. (celebslam)Fun Facts About Kim Kardashian. (Evil Beet)Your iPod can give you pick up lines. (Geeksugar)Gwen, Avril, Marilyn Monroe make the…

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