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10 Celebs Who Weren’t Considered Cool In High School

We tend to think celebrities live a charmed life from the get go. While some of our favorite actors and musicians probably got on just fine in their teenage years, plenty of celebs had it rough like the rest of us. If you’re concerned about being cool in high school, kick back and relax. Being… More »

Katy Perry: The Most Popular Girl In Hollywood

What’s the deal with Katy Perry? Girl seems to be friends with literally everyone! Younger starlets, like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are always singing Katy’s praises, and she’s regularly seen out with cool kids Robert Pattinson and Rashida Jones. Check out some of the people you’ll recognize on Katy’s long roster of friends–some of… More »

And the Winner of the Best ‘Muppets’ Trailer Is… ‘The Pig With the Froggy Tattoo’!

If there’s one thing the upcoming, highly anticipated movie The Muppets does best, it’s parodies! Remember the first trailer that came out months ago, Green With Envy? Then there was The…

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