Hot Or Not? Kelly Osbourne’s New Geometric Buzzed Haircut

Well, I’m obsessed. Kelly Osbourne never lets me down when it comes to her hair. Last night Kelly posted this picture to her Instagram showing off her new edgy hair ‘do in the…

Nicole Richie Accepts Kelly Osbourne’s Purple Hair Dare

Last week Kelly Osboune took to her Instagram DARING Nicole Richie to make it permanent so they could be hair twins! Kelly posted,

30 Shades Of Purple Hair

As a Ravens fan, I absolutely adore the purple hair trend and fully plan on going purple again in the fall! 🙂

30 Shades Of Purple Hair

Lately, I have been itching to get my purple hair back so so bad! I have been doing nothing but looking at purple hair on Tumblr whenever I have a free second. I just might have to get a little dye job done ASAP. Anyway, I wanted to share with you guys some of my… More »

Trend: Celebrities With Purple Hair

We’ve been seeing the pink dip-dyed hair trend (thanks to Dakota Fanning and Chloe Moretz) but when Katy Perry showed up at this year’s Coachella with long, cascading curls AND purple hairdye, we’re stoked to see who else will be soon rocking the violet hue! Will it be Lady Gaga again, or shall we see… More »

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